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The Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal (the CIUSSS) is committed to meeting the accessibility needs of people with disabilities in a reasonable, timely and proactive manner and will use all reasonable efforts to provide equitable access to programs, services, goods and facilities provided by the CIUSSS, in a way that respects a person's dignity and independence.

Accessible Formats and Communications Supports

Except as otherwise provided by the Office des personnes handicapées Québec, the CIUSSS shall, upon request, and in consultation with the person making the request, provide or make arrangements to provide accessible formats and communication supports for persons with disabilities. This applies to materials and communications produced by the CIUSSS for release to the public. It does not apply to inconvertible information and information that the CIUSSS does not control directly or indirectly.

If it is determined that information is inconvertible, the CIUSSS shall provide the person requesting the information or communication with:

  1. A written explanation as to why the information or communications are inconvertible; and,
  2. A summary of the inconvertible information or communication.


All the CIUSSS’ websites will be upgraded to implement the following accessibility standards: