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What is a FMG?

FMGs are groups of family physicians who work closely in collaboration with other health care professionals. While each physician is responsible for the care of patients registered with him, FMG physicians have access to medical records of every patient. Consequently, a client who presents himself for a consultation may be seen by a physician other than his own. If required, this person may also meet with a nurse or other health care professional from the FMG for different types follow-ups.

The physicians in FMG are committed to offering a minimum of 68 hours of medical services as a team per week for all registered patients.

FMGs therefore offer and support:

  • better monitoring of the health status and medical records of patients
  • improve the quality of medical care
  • improve access to medical care

In addition to the FMGs, the following clinics are located in the territory of the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal: