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Alan Maislin

Alan Maislin
Alan Maislin

New President of network board expresses confidence in his colleagues and outlook for change

A strong, dynamic team is now in place to lead CIUSSS West-Central Montreal into an exciting era of significant change, says Alan Maislin, who was recently named President of the Board of Directors of the new healthcare network by Health Minister Dr Gaétan Barrette.

 “It’s like putting together a Stanley Cup winning hockey team,” says Mr. Maislin, who has had extensive experience in rehabilitation and is the former Chairman of CSSS Cavendish, Past-President of the JGH Users’ Committee and a key member of the JGH Transformational Change Committee. “You need strong people with complementary skills who will work together to make it happen.”

The 19-person board includes designated members from healthcare councils, as well as those with expertise in such fields as finance, governance, real estate, community organizations, rehabilitation and social services. Among the board’s main objectives is to help improve access to healthcare, as well as the quality of care offered to our population and to preserve the cultural identity of each institution.

“We will work hard to make sure that the unique identity of each institution is not lost,” Mr. Maislin pledges. “At the same time, we need to see to it that our network has a totally integrated system that provides care efficiently to healthcare users.”

He says he sees the board as a gatekeeper whose responsibility is to ensure “that the quality of care is preserved and even improved. To do so, changes will have to be made.”

Achieving positive results will be possible only through staff involvement, regardless of an individual’s position within the network, Mr. Maislin says. “We need to understand and hear from our staff about any issues that need to be dealt with and any concerns that members of staff may have.” He adds he is confident that this information will be of help in introducing improvements.

Commenting on his appointment to the board, Mr. Maislin says he is honoured to have “an opportunity to make a difference and effect change in this province.” Mr. Maislin is the current chairman and the principle shareholder in Maisliner Transport.