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Dr. Suzanne Levitz

Dr. Suzanne Levitz
Dr. Suzanne Levitz

Physician presence on board of directors

Dr. Suzanne Levitz is the elected board member representing the Regional Department of General Medicine on the board of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. Dr. Levitz has been working as a general practitioner at Mount Sinai Hospital for the last 24 years.

Over the course of that time, Dr. Levitz has been involved on several committees and was President of the Council of Physicians and Multidisciplinary Council (CMDP) at Mount Sinai.

Seeing her role on the board as a “natural transition”, Dr. Levitz says she is there to represent general practitioners in the region. “Family doctors have an important role in health care,” she says. “We need to determine how best to help the patient as a team moving forward.”

As a family physician herself, Dr. Levitz points to the positive changes she has already seen in the structure of the health network. “We have seen real innovation in the ways we manage beds and patients,” Dr. Levitz says. “There is improved communication for everyone.”

Dr. Levitz says the integrated nature of the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal network means a smoother exchange of information between institutions which results in better quality of care.

“Good things are happening in our CIUSSS West-Central Montreal,” Dr. Levitz says. “People on the board and administrators are dedicated at improving communication and patient flow.”