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John D’Andrea

John D’Andrea
John D’Andrea


A social worker and former board member of the CSSS de la Montagne, John D’Andrea brings years of experience in health care to the Board of Directors of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. He has a solid understanding of the inner workings of a complex health care system and the challenges associated with institutional mergers.As a front line professional working directly with clients, Mr. D’Andrea brings a unique perspective to the Board of Directors.

“Blending nine institutions with different missions to form CIUSSS West-Central Montreal presents an enormous challenge for both staff and the Board of Directors,” says Mr. D’Andrea. “Change is difficult for most people and as board and staff members, we must all adjust to this new reality.”

Mr. D’Andrea highlights the particular importance for the nine institutions to maintaintheirown cultures. “For decades, we have undertaken and excelled at our own individual missions and it is important that the legacy of each organization be respected. At the same time, I believe that as we come together, we will create something better and stronger.”

Having been elected to the Board of Directors by his peers – members of the Multidisciplinary Council – Mr. D’Andrea feels a great sense of responsibility. “The number of people who presented their candidacies for this board position, in addition to those who came out to vote, are real indications that workers on the front lines are interested in the future of this organization.”

Mr. D’Andrea sees the establishment of the newly merged institutions in the province as something positive. “As one integrated institution, the system will be easier for people to navigate.”Having met with board members and witnessed their passion and dedication, he is convinced that there are great possibilities for providing better care and services to our clientele.

Mr. D’Andrea is involved in several community initiatives, as a board member of the Société de développementcommunautaire Milton-Parc(SDMP) and member of the Comité de Sélection of the Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal. He has also participated in international missions for victims of war in Macedonia, Kosovo and Chechnya and natural disaster relief for Haitians.

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