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Director of Logistic 
Elliott Silverman

Chief - Procurement Services 
Pablo Guisen

Chief - Logistic, Distribution and Replenishment (JGH)
Julie Savage-Fournier

Chief - Logistic, Reception and Storage
Isaac Maman

Chief - Logistic and Transport (CIUSSS)
François Lemieux

Virginie Tourte
Elliott Silverman

Director of Logistics
Elliott Silverman

I am pleased to welcome Elliott Silverman as Director of Logistics for the Integrated Health and Social Services University Network for West-Central Montreal (CIUSSS West-Central Montreal). 

In this position, Mr. Silverman will be responsible for logistics, which covers purchasing, materials management, and the management of contracts. He will ensure constant development of the supply chain and the flow of goods throughout CIUSSS West-Central Montreal. 

To improve the services provided to users by his department, Mr. Silverman and his staff offer support, expertise and advice to all managers to ensure optimal planning for logistics and purchasing across departments, programs and facilities.

Previously, Mr. Silverman worked with the Quality Department as Assistant to the Associate Director of Support, Administration and Performance Programs. Prior to that, he was a Senior Project Manager for Transformational Change, where he introduced new standards for printing and hardware management for the Jewish General Hospital. Mr. Silverman also comes with years of project management experience in the private sector. 

Mr. Silverman holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from McGill University, as well as a Certificate in Management from Concordia University. He has a Project Management Professional certificate and Six Sigma Green Belt and he is in the process of completing a Lean Black Belt. 

“We aim to provide the full complement of logistical services to the entire CIUSSS in an optimal manner,” he says. “This will permit caregivers to be fully dedicated to the patients in their care.”

Together with Mr. Silverman and the other members of the management team, I am enthusiastic about achieving our goals as a team. Mr. Silverman’s experience with project management and his strive to streamline and standardize all logistics practices for the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, will benefit staff in clinical and non-clinical settings and by extension, benefit our patients as well.


Lawrence Rosenberg, M.D., Ph.D.
President and CEO