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  • 1973: Introduction of Users’ Committees in some Healthcare sites, in compliance with Law 65;

  • 1990: Creation of a Humanization of Care Committee at the Jewish General Hospital;

  • April 2015: Inception of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, as per Law 10;

  • May 2015: Launch of a respect campaign at the Jewish General Hospital;

  • February 2016: Expansion of this campaign to the entire CIUSSS;

  • June 2016: Adoption of the CIUSSS Code of Ethics, based on the CIUSSS wide vision in which RESPECT is a core values;

  • September 2016: Creation of the expanded Committee on RESPECT;

  • October 2016: Implementation of a CIUSSS wide policy promoting civility and prevention of harassment and violence at work;

  • Winter/Spring 2017: Development of a training on respect for all staff and appointment of internal respect ambassadors;

  • June 2017: Beginning of training sessions for employees made possible by the Central Users’ Committee.