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Medical and university education

Better education today for better healthcare professionals tomorrow

As this directorate grew in 2015-2016, its mandate—to become a centre of teaching excellence for all healthcare professionals—has been driven by a commitment to and belief in investing in clinical teachers. Only in this way can the thousands of students who pass through the facilities of CIUSSS West-Central Montreal learn to provide the superior care that patients, residents and clients require and deserve.

To this end, processes are being developed to streamline the placement of stages and students, in order to ensure that students fulfill their training requirements. At the same time, the students will be properly received by supervisors and by the units or areas in which they work.

Other key activities in 2015-2016:

  • Programs were developed to support the network’s clinical supervisors in their role as teachers. In addition, this directorate is looking at providing specific educational tools, as well as recognition, for the additional work that comes with teaching in CIUSSS West-Central Montreal.

  • The Education Directorate is coordinating with other directorates, notably Research, to maintain the various university designations that are at the forefront of knowledge translation and the implementation of best practices of care.

  • The Education Directorate is working closely with its counterparts at the healthcare network for the West Island of Montreal and at the MUHC, since all three organizations share certain challenges with regard to the many McGill University students healthcare students who receive clinical training at the three sites.