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Multidisciplinary services

Closer collaboration to improve the user experience

Multidisciplinary professionals collaborated with their partners in West-Central Montreal Health to enhance communication, and to revise and implement protocols and clinical pathways to improve the continuum of care.

In the new physiotherapy room of the JGH Stroke Centre, Bela Erdoskarpaty chats about his treatment with Fabienne Germeil, Head Nurse of the Neurosciences Department.

A new screening tool was implemented in the Stroke Centre at the Jewish General Hospital for the early identification of dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing), and to facilitate timely referral and the treatment of dysphagia by a speech language pathologist and dietitian.

In addition, a stroke rehabilitation room is now available to occupational therapists and physiotherapists at the JGH to evaluate and treat patients in an optimal therapeutic environment.

The early identification of stroke recipients who require intervention by Social Services improves their psycho-social well-being and expedites discharge planning. These coordinated interdisciplinary initiatives have resulted in earlier transfers to the Stroke Unit, shorter in-patient stays, and an earlier discharge to a rehabilitation program and/or home.

The food service and clinical nutrition teams have developed an ambitious two-year plan to optimize food operations and further improve clinical nutrition services across our the network’s nine primary sites.

The outpatient services of SARCA, the ambulatory rehabilitation service for adults, are now being provided to de la Montagne users by Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy at the JGH. The SARCA program facilitates access to CLSCs and outpatient services, as well as reducing the length of stay for those requiring acute care and in-patient rehabilitation.

Harmonization of SARCA’s offer of service is under way among the JGH, the Richardson Hospital, Catherine Booth Hospital and the network’s CLSCs to integrate best practices, improve access, reduce the length of hospital stays, and ensure patient satisfaction.