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Annual Report 2016-2017

A long-term care resident of the Henri Bradet Residential Centre arrives by adapted transport at the Jewish General Hospital. Sixty-six residents temporarily moved to the JGH while their permanent quarters on Chester Avenue undergo much-needed renovation.

A member of staff guides an Henri Bradet resident to her new, temporary room at the JGH.

In the JGH Mobility Clinic, the gait of Jacqueline Deland, 98, is assessed as she walks on a special pressure-sensitive carpet, which is connected to a computer. Dr. Olivier Beauchet (centre) supervises the test, in which digital information is collected by Harmehr Sekhon.

Dr. Johanna Choremis (centre) prepares to perform a corneal transplant at the JGH, assisted by Dr. Josh Ramkissoon (right) and Philippe Marcoux, an ophthalmological nurse.

In the recovery room of the Academic Cataract Centre at the JGH, Claire Lenet receives instructions from Nursing Assistant Francine Mwimbi about the post-surgical care of her right eye.

Recreational Therapist Ray Cassel assists resident Joan Oliver during a game of bean bag toss at the Father Dowd Residential Centre.

Enjoying the sunshine in the garden of the Jewish Eldercare Centre.

Guests at the open house of the JGH Hope & Cope Wellness Centre enjoy an art class with Elaine Dubrovsky (standing at left), a volunteer art instructor.

For a quarter of a century, the MAB-Mackay Day Centre has been providing services to blind and visually impaired seniors. Cecelyn, a 22-year “veteran” of the program, receives a plaque of recognition by Martin Bergevin, the Centre’s Program Manager, and Genevieve Chabot, Site Manager of the MAB-Mackay Rehabilitation Centre.

Participant Vittoria Zunnini, joined by her son and a volunteer, displays her paintings in a vernissage at the Saint Margaret Day Centre.